You are not on this page by chance…….

I am looking forward to working with you, so let's get started!

I am Ingrid Cruysberghs, a Psychic Medium and Spiritual Coach.
What I can offer you?
My ultimate goal is to help you in as many ways as possible:
  • READINGS: To provide those who are seeking a Psychic and Spirit reading with clarity and guidance, by connecting with your energy and those in the spirit world.
  • COACHING: For those of you who are ready to find their true path of life. Find the happiness in life. To understand your own greatest journey.
  • BUSINESS CONSULTATION: To avoid capital loss and negative situations (Click here)
Looking forward to meet you.
Ingrid x


Angels are everywhere.

They are eager to cooperate with us, but we should be asking.

It's very inspiring to work with angels, because angels energy is a very sophisticated and loving energy.

  Ingrid Cruysberghs - Spiritual readings